Contrary to popular belief, social media marketing actions cannot be evaluated based purely on growing numbers of Twitter followers or Facebook likes.

In their reports, some agencies have got into the habit of selling “fake numbers” or manipulating real numbers; this is because, prior to our system, there was no reliable method of calculating whether these figures were an accurate reflection of users’ brand engagement.

There are more and more software programs and hackers who can create fake profiles for the most commonly used social networks in very little time, and sell them to anybody in need of an ego boost for their Facebook or Twitter account.

These fake profiles can also be referred to as “bots”, as their behaviour is more like that of a robot and bears little resemblance to the average social media user’s behaviour.

DigitalEvaluation is the first reliable service which can read and analyse behaviour and interaction on social media and, using this data, give a complete report on the real value of social media presence and campaigns.

Our work enables customers who wish it to make, after a careful analysis of their followers, an operation of "cleaning" of the data, being able to boast, at the end of the process, of the seal "Certified Followers", issued exclusively by our company, which certifies its authenticity.
"Certified Followers" is an innovative element of transparency and seriousness that allows companies or institutions who use it, to position themselves on a higher level in terms of Corporate "Social" Responsibility.